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  • Full color booklets on 100lbs text paper
  • Number of pages includes front and back cover
  • 100lbs  text paper with Aqueous

Magazine printing makes it easy to get your publication out
Whether you’re creating monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual publications, we’ve made booklet printing and magazine printing easier than ever. There’s no need to ever rush out to a print shop again — all you have to do is upload your files to, select from the given options, and we’ll quickly deliver high-quality, expertly printed publications directly to your door.

Vivid colors, quality paper
When it comes to your publication, we understand that you want the best possible product. That’s why we print on pristine 100 lbs. text paper. And we know just how important it is showcase your photos, designs and copy in crisp, radiant colors, which is why we use a highly dependable 4/4 process.

A variety of page count options
Because some publications have more content than others, we offer a several page count options. Our page count starts at 8 pages for those short-but-sweet booklets, and we currently can go as high as 20 pages to handle booklets and magazines with more content. And for those of you whose content that lies somewhere in-between, we can also deliver 12-page and 16-page page counts. Please keep in mind that all page count options include the front cover and back cover.

Sizing & binding
Currently, all of our booklet printing and magazine printing is done on a standard sheet size of 8.5” x 11”, but keep an eye on our site — more size options are coming in the near future to fulfill every publication size you may need. Each piece we produce for you will be bound with our highly dependable saddle stitching technique, ensuring every page of your booklet stays secure.

Quantity options based on your needs is the number one authority on short run and small quantity printing orders. For those of you with a smaller readership or who are just starting out, we offer runs of 250. If your readership is a bit larger, or growing quickly, you can select from our runs 500 and 1,000. Each run size is designed to ensure that you are getting the right number of booklets at the best price.

Additional information

Weight N/A

8.5 X 11

Number of pages

8 page, 12 page, 16 page, 20page


250, 500, 1000


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